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The Ultimate Media Player

Play all of your music and videos - and convert them to play anywhere.

Supported Media Formats

This is a short of the media formats that you can play with Ultimate Media Player. For a complete list Click Here.

  • .3gp – iPhone / iPad / iPod video
  • .aac – Advanced Audio Coding
  • .flv – Flash web video
  • .m4a – MPEG-4 Audio file
  • .ogg – Ogg Vorbis audio
  • .mkv – Matroska video file
  • .mov – Quicktime video
  • .mpg – MPEG video file
  • .vob – DVD Video
  • .wmv – Window Media Video file
  • .divx – DivX video
  • .mp3 – MPEG 3 music file
  • .mp4 – MPEG 4 video file
plays all music files

A Free Media Player that plays everything

If you are looking for a free media player that can play all of your media files – audio, video, mp3, everything – you have found it. Ultimate Media Player is just what its name says – the Ultimate.

You do not need to install any other software or track down missing codecs to play your files. Everything you need to play every common media file is included.

video converter

Convert Your Files

Do you want to convert your songs and movies so you can play them on another device like your iPhone or an MP3 player?

With Ultimate Media Player you can convert your music and movies into all common formats so you can take your media with you. The media converter is fast and easy to use.